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It’s important to me that the masks that I wear are not constricting, I can breathe easily and the cotton is comfortable on my face without relying on the center vertical seam that I see so often ruin a good look. How to incorporate all that into a more fitted style was my next challenge…

When musician Kelley Swindall asked me to create a fringe mask to coordinate with the Western-styled jumpsuit I designed for her, I wanted to create a fitted mask that would feature the fringe and my hand embroidery work, while being comfortable to wear. After many prototypes, I really like the style that emerged and it’s featured here in many options…

The Western Mask I created for Kelley is available with or without fringe, has color and fringe length options, and can be adorned with hand-embroidered stars. The basic mask design itself with piping is very elegant and looks great with a tux!

You can also make the most of your celebration with something totally new with a customized Special Event Mask. Consider using the lace and/or fabric from your ensemble, or choose from my collection of vintage brocades, laces & trims. Hand beading and embroidery is also available.

You should be a superstar when you have to appear at special events, and you deserve to be wearing a spectacular face covering that brings everything to the next level. As with my clothing designs, any of the masks in this shop can be customized to suit your sensibilities. Your attention to detail will be unforgettable.

I will do my best to accommodate any request and fees will be calculated based on the work and/or materials required. Customized masks take longer to make as they are by request and one of a kind.

Special events should be celebrated and will be all the more special and safe with a bespoke face mask!