Alice Magazine: Kelley Swindall & Karen Fleisch

“A born storyteller with a sensibility that’s both hilarious and heart-on-sleeve sincere, Swindall’s songs posit strong personalities against a world of misogyny, heartbreak, and hilarious absurdity; celebrating resilient spirits with all their flaws and prowess. So it’s no coincidence that when she puts on a Karen Fleisch piece her presence exudes confidence. The custom design stays true to Kelley’s vivacious persona without minimizing Karen’s signature flair.” ~ May 30, 2020 by Bella Carles.

Maker x Maker with Marcy LaBella: Karen Fleisch | New York City

“I am in love with the work of artist and designer Karen Fleisch of New York City, whose work has a decidedly East Village flair… Karen fashions couture clothing, jackets, and bags, as well as a super fun new line of COVID-19 masks that I just adore.” ~ October 2, 2020 by Marcy LaBella.